Meet the Band

Will tears come to your eyes when I finally arise after years paralyzed in my soul and in my mind?
— Homecoming
Photo by Christy Hunter

Photo by Christy Hunter



A whole new world opened for me after seeing Hole at the Moore Theatre in Seattle in 1993. Being a naive girl from the south, I had never seen anything like Courtney Love. I was just beginning to find my voice as a person and she was already way past volume 10. It was a life-changing moment. She was where I wanted to be.

Shortly after, I bought my first guitar and learned to play, write songs and sing. It took several years, and in 1999 I released "Beyond Tears" to good reviews and college radio airplay. It was a grungy, loud rock record that I recorded in Seattle with Pat Gray. It was harsh and true and there wasn’t a wasted lyric. People were taking to it because it was honest and raw. Good things were happening. I was really happy. I had found my voice. And then I cancelled gigs and walked away. Left Seattle. I silenced my own voice.

It didn't take long after moving to San Francisco in 2000 to realize what I had done to myself. I could barely live in my skin knowing that I threw away the best, most honest thing I had ever done. So I chased the old moment (which was long gone) while trying to create a new one all the while trying to stop time, which was exhausting. This went on for a really long time.

I had a couple of bright spots to keep me going while in San Francisco, but it only led to a second record that, while I'm proud of the work,  was just frustrating all the way around. After that...the music just stopped.

Many years have passed during which my musical life, my true voice, seemed as far away as the moon. During this time, so much money spent on false starts, so many disappointments. Then giving up entirely.

It has taken me 20 years to have a song with a great strong sound that I love…one that continues my constant theme of finding your way back home to yourself after everything that makes you human has been harvested..